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MINISO is a superior international famous fashion brand. Introduced by a Chinese consortium in 2013 in Guangzhou, Miniso began its expansion across China since then. MINISO pursues simple, natural, quality life philosophy and designs products with good quality and prices. Miniso does not ingore any links that may influence the environment and nature but continuously improves and innovates the skills for energy saving, while strictly follow the principle of keeping high quality products.


Via the scale of global procurement, Miniso selects appropriate materials from all over the world and strive to provide more secure, more reliable & more low-cost necessities for consumers. More than 80% of the products are from Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and China etc..We are confident to bring consumers a new level satisfaction and better quality of life.

MINISO is not just a brand name but also a way of life style. She would not deliberately emphasized the so-called fashion or personality or approves that popular brands should raise their status. On the contrary, MINISO stands on consumers’ point of view when developing products, which is - [Restoring product essence] removing vulgar and returning to the nature.

MINISO enriches our lives with a wide range of products at reasonable prices. She is like a compass, pointing out "basic" and " natural" direction by providing a simple way to use products.